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This collection is a celebration of all the juicy color found in nature in early spring--ahhhh…. I just can’t get enough of it. Like everyone else with a pulse--I adore flowers. I had big dreams of an enormous cutting garden when I moved from the Pacific Northwest to sunny California. My dreams failed to take into account the exorbitant water costs in this part of the country. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I live in a “fertile desert”, and that for as long as I live here, I won’t have the luscious garden I dream about. But I still manage to buy a bouquet every time I’m at Trader Joes, and I fill my vases and my walls with color. This collection is inspired by PEONIES--my very first “favorite”. We had an enormous peony bush growing in our garden in Kansas City when I was a child, and though I loved them--I had no idea how much I was taking them for granted. I’ve never lived in a place since where they grow so well. I have a small, struggling peony bush in my yard that I’ve been tenderly nursing for two years and I was inordinately pleased with the single small bud it produced this year. I hope these paintings give your eyes a happy place to land. This original is painted on 20x30x1.5" hand-splined cotton canvas.