I was raised in a large family of creatives in the lush countryside around Kansas City and was always encouraged to explore my own talents. Woodworking, sewing, doodling, drawing, painting, throwing and sculpting have all had a season in my life. I’ve spent years exploring different interests but began solely painting in earnest five years ago, once my four children were off to school and I found a solid block of time in which to work. A serious obsession with color has followed me throughout my life; I've never met a color I didn't love. Even when attempting a muted palette, I find the intense colors I love begin to creep in and take over as I build the layers of paint. I am fortunate to work and live with unending inspiration at my doorstep in the beautiful rolling hills northern California. I’m grateful to share a studio with my supportive and encouraging husband - he writes computer programs while I paint.

Find me at @rskimball_art on Instagram.